Mind Spa™ – A Massage for your Mind

Mind Spa™ – A Massage for your Mind

Have you ever wished you could escape for a few moments to your own private beach or Tropical Island, take a dreamy journey through the magical rainbows above the clouds, or float in an enchanted pool? Well, you can – and all through the power of your own imagination and my Mind Spa™ – A Massage for your Mind hypnosis session! So, if you too would like to pamper yourself with a pick me up, treat yourself or a friend to a top-up relaxation to chill out, boost your confidence or reignite your energy levels and recharge your batteries, then these simple single sessions are just for you!

CHMS2For people who have never experienced hypnotherapy before I often describe the experience as feeling as though you have had a mental massage, and following on from clients’ frequently comparing their hypnotherapy sessions to a body massage or being “better than spending a day at a spa” I have launched my new Mind Spa™ range of individual, one-off hypnosis sessions.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and for a limited time only, costs just £45.00!






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