Hypnotherapy in Grantham, Bourne, RutlandOver the years, hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people from all around the world to overcome their emotional fears and behavioural difficulties – so there is an excellent chance that it could help you, your children, your family and friends. In fact, providing you genuinely really want to make these changes and are truly committed and motivated to achieving your goals, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be successful in overcoming your problems and achieving success! At Hypnotherapy Grantham we are equipped with many approaches to enable you to reach your desired goals.

What is hypnotherapy?

The term Hypnosis is derived from the Greek word Hypnos meaning Sleep and the term we know and use today, Hypnotherapy, refers to the use of Hypnosis to provide Therapy. Hypnotherapy has been used for around for 2 to 3 thousand years!! It is a totally safe, natural and drug free therapy with no side effects – other than a feeling of deep relaxation, calm and wellbeing! Hypnotherapy can help produce swift, effective and positive outcomes and results for many conditions and problems such as: Allergies & Skin Disorders, Eating Disorders, Smoking Cessation, Fears & Phobias, Insomnia, Weight Loss & Weight Management, Anxiety & Stress, to name but a few.

How can hypnotherapy help me?

The stresses and strains of modern everyday lifestyles are for ever challenging us and, therefore, it is no wonder that more and more people turn to complementary therapies for help.

Like many other holistic therapists, Jacqueline looks at the person as a ‘whole’ entity, mind, body and spirit, or soul, and establishes the cause of the problem, habit, or condition. Once Jacqueline has identified the source she is then able to provide therapy for that issue, rather then just concentrate on the presented condition or symptom itself. More specifically, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist she is trained to locate, target and treat the root cause of a problem or condition. Amongst the ‘tools’ Jacqueline is able to use at Hypnotherapy Grantham are: Suggestion and Metaphor Therapy, Guided Imagery Meditation, NLP, Age Regression, and Past Life Regression Therapies to bring about the desired positive changes.

Fees and support

After your Free initial telephone consultation with Jacqueline, the next stage is a first initial exploratory consultation. This is a no obligation session which lasts approximately 1 hour and costs £60.00. Should you then decide to go ahead with a hypnotherapy session, standard sessions last approximately 1 hour and cost just £60.00. Occasionally, to fully support your treatment plan, Jacqueline will provide you with the use of a CD or mp3 between therapy sessions. This is included free of charge, if required. There are no hidden or extra charges!

Please note: When attending your appointment it is advisable for you to wear comfortable, unrestrictive clothing so you may fully enjoy your hypnotherapy experience.

Important note: We do not and cannot diagnose medical conditions and we would always, in the first instance, recommend you seek advice from a medical practitioner and visit your GP before coming to see us.

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