Dancing with Dreams™ Past Life Regression Programme

Dancing with Dreams™ Past Life Regression Programme

An Adventure in Consciousness

If you have ever been curious to find out about your past life, through the use of hypnosis with our New five week Dancing with Dreams™ Programme, we can help you discover your past life or indeed lives, find your soul mate, understand your behaviour, overcome habits, fears and phobias, emotional traumas, physical ailments, and much more!

Have you ever wondered why you behave a certain way, or have particular unwanted habits? Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again, possibly attracting the same type of person resulting in unhealthy relationships? Or perhaps you have certain fears or phobias and don’t know why. If this sounds all too familiar then the chances are you may find the answers in one of your past lives. Our past life, or indeed past lives, may often hold the key to solving our present day problems.

Signs of a Past Life

There are believed to be several signs of having a past life, one of the more common ones being Déjà vu. Have you ever experienced Déjà Vu? For example, a familiar “I’ve been here before” feeling when visiting a place, or “I am sure I know that person” when meeting someone for the first time but cannot pinpoint from where you know them from?  Every now and then this déjà vu feeling we experience could be a sign of a past life in a specific place, or with a particular person.

Have you found your soul mate or are you looking to find your soul mate?  If so, a soul mate is believed to be another common sign of a past life. Whether it is a husband or wife, father and son, mother and daughter, or indeed any relationship combination, if you have found your soul mate in a physical sense here in this life, the likelihood is that you have travelled with this soul from another life. Through past life regression we can find out who you have brought with you into this life now, from the past! Similarly, if you are still looking to find your soul mate, through past life regression hypnosis we can explore different realms of existence to find out who that person may be.

AnotPLRPher common sign of a past life is if you experience vivid dreams, being in a certain place or situation, recurring dreams perhaps where you are in a place you have really visited before but details suggest it is in a different time, or conversely a place you may be unfamiliar with but it is featured so realistically and so vividly in your dream, you see everything in rich detail almost as if you are actually there experiencing it.


handCome and discover who you were, and where you have been!

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Although this programme is intended to be sequential in nature, with each session being progressive and ultimately a journey towards discovering and exploring your past life / lives, you are welcome to attend sessions on an individual as and when basis.

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