Hypno-Fast™ Programme – Hypnotherapy and Intermittent Fasting

Hypno -Fast™ Programme

A new programme using a combination of hypnotherapy and intermittent fasting.

Have tried several ways to lose weight without success? Would you like to lose weight quickly and safely – and keep it off? Are you pre-diabetic, or have type 2 diabetes but are not taking any prescribed medications for it and are trying to control or reverse it though diet? Do you need to lose weight for surgery? If you have answered “yes” to these questions, then why not try my new Hypno -Fast™ programme and fast for a healthy new you!

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Beating the Bladder Blues!

Beating the Bladder Blues

Did you know? Hypnotherapy may help you overcome the symptoms of an overactive bladder, or urinary incontinence so you can put aside those pads, empower your pelvic floor, and feel free to enjoy the quality of life you deserve without the burden of a bothersome bladder!

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A New Year – A New Head!

A New Year – A New Head!

Well, almost! Are things in life continually not working out for you, or as planned? Do you keep finding yourself in the same situations, with the same miserable habits, resulting in unhappy thoughts? If so, you cannot change your head of course but you can change your way of thinking to achieve success in the areas you desire by retraining your brain.


Retrain Your Brain

Retraining your brain may help you to turn negative thoughts and behaviours into positive ones, allowing you to take control of your life, and be HAPPY!

Active Head Banner TMH – Habits: Do you keep eating unhealthy foods and don’t know why? Do you eat even when you are not hungry?

A – Addictions: Is your day filled with compulsive activities and behaviours? Do you feel compelled to smoke, drink, or clean?

P – Phobias: Do you find yourself planning your day to avoid something that is making your life a misery?

P – Procrastination: Are you tired of feeling unable to get on with certain things in life? Do you avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions? Do you put things off until the last minute and make excuses for not doing something?

Y – You: Does everyone in your life come first leaving you without any “me” time? Who is responsible for making the positive changes you desire?

handIf you have identified, or answered “yes” to any of the above and want to find out how you can change your life, contact Dr. Jacqueline Preston now to find out more!

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Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme

Hypno-Gastro Programme™

Just launched! Our NEW Hypno-Gastro Programme™, hypnotic gastric band programme.

With the numerous hypnotherapy virtual gastric band surgery options available to all, and even hypnotic gastric band Apps to choose from, Jacqueline has revised, and advanced her existing hypnotherapy virtual gastric band option to create a NEW Holistic Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme – Hypno-Gastro Programme™.

This programme allows clients to experience an innovative, new and truly unique weight loss formula – without a franchised or licensed format to follow, and tailored to the individuality of each client.

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Welcome to Holistic Therapy Grantham, Bourne and Rutland

A warm welcome to holistic therapy Grantham, Bourne and Rutland

Providing holistic therapy solutions to help your Mind, Body and Spirit

Holistic Therapy Grantham

In today’s world, most of us experience some degree of stress. In fact, no one is immune from stress. Good stress of course is beneficial because it can provide a temporary extra boost of energy or alertness, which increases performance. It motivates us, and elevates our mood, however negative stress is exactly that `negative` where many systems in the body are affected, and which presents itself in various ways from mental tension and worry, headaches and distress, to pressure in the body usually found in the neck, shoulders and lower back. As our body prepares to ‘fight or flight’, our immune systems can become compromised and this is when dis-ease sets in, which can lead to illness, and all sorts of problems.

Stress weakens the immune system

By carrying out an in-depth consultation at the start of the treatment, Jacqueline can help identify some of the areas which may require additional focus and dedicate more time, and attention to those to help bring you back into balance. Aftercare advice is always provided at the end of each treatment session.





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