Weight Loss & Weight Reduction

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss & Weight Reduction Programme

– Hypnosis, Healthy Eating and Herbs

Weight Reduction in Grantham, Bourne, RutlandMore often than not people come to see me when they have tried everything possible to lose weight. The only thing they haven’t tried is hypnotherapy!

As part of Jacqueline’s weight loss & weight reduction programme, using hypnosis as a weight loss ‘tool’, it works on a subconscious level with you to help you understand, and ultimately change, the formed negative eating habits and relationships you have with food. These formed habits have usually been acquired over a number of years, perhaps since childhood. Therefore, with this in mind, I have set up a new holistic approach 5 Week Weight Reduction Programme which incorporates hypnosis, including teaching you self hypnosis, plus nutritional advice and flower essence therapy.

Module 1

– Introduction and course outline presented by Jacqueline
– Why our environment is making us overeat – Practical
Controlling destiny – Hypnosis session
– Weight Reduction Information Pack (emailed after session. Paper copy is available upon request at £15.00)

Module 2

– Considering the health risks of being overweight – Practical
Forward into the future – Hypnosis session

Module 3

– Learning the basics of self hypnosis – Practical
Self hypnosis – Hypnosis session

Module 4

– Eating better, exercise motivation and nutritional advice – Practical
Positively self-assured – Hypnosis session

Module 5

– Flower essences for weight loss – Practical
Enjoy your success – Hypnosis session
– Certificate of achievement awarded

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Bourne

Included in the Weight Loss & Weight Reduction Programme:

  • Detailed Information Pack – Emailed for your convenience (A paper copy can be provided for a nominal charge of £15.00)
  • Practical elements include handout information as appropriate
  • Opportunity to purchase suggested Bach flower remedies
  • Self hypnosis mp3/CD
  • Course completion – Certificate of Achievement

Each module session lasts approximately 2 hours and costs £100.00*.
Total cost of course £600.00* (excluding optional £15.00 for paper copy of information pack).
*If you pay for the entire course in full you will be entitled to receive a 10% discount which equates to just £90.00 per 2 hour session!

This course is a self improvement programme of desired change.  Upon successful completion you are awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

Important note: This programme is designed to aid weight loss and weight management and does not prescribe or offer medical advice. If you suffer from, or think you suffer from a medical condition you should always seek advice from a registered medical practitioner before embarking on this programme.

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