Hypno-Meno™ Hypnotherapy for Managing Menopause

Managing Menopause

Have you ever wished you could manage your hot fluses or night sweats? With my hypnotherapy, and holistic-based Hyno-Meno™ Programme you can!

Embracing the Change – Naturally!

The menopause, also known as the climacteric, is usually a naturally occurring process demonstrated by the permanent cessation of the menstrual period and typically occurs between the ages of 41 – 55, with the average age of women reaching the menopause being 51 in the UK. There are in fact 3 stages of menopause and stage one, what most women call “Menopause”, is actually Perimenopause which means “around the end of menstruation”. After Perimenopause is stage two, “Menopause” which technically refers to a specific event and that is the last period followed by the final stage, Postmenopause which is the third and final stage and means “after the end of menstruation”. (There is also “Premenopause” which means “before menopause” and this is often referred to as stage four, but at this time regular and normal periods occur, and hormone levels are generally steady).

What causes menopause?

The menopause is a natural part of the aging process where the reproductive or sex hormone oestrogen declines, periods stop, and a woman can no longer become pregnant naturally. However, a medical or surgically induced menopause can occur at any time after certain types of gynaecological surgery, or as a result of undergoing chemotherapy or some treatments for breast cancer, for example. Whether it is a natural, gradual or sudden decline in the production of oestrogen some unpleasant menopausal symptoms may occur as a result.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

Although there can be many other symptoms, listed below are the most common ones often associated with menopause:

  • Hot Flushes (Hot Flashes)
  • Night Sweats
  • Sleeping Difficulties / Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Forgetfulness – especially when going through the transition stage known as perimenopause
  • Tension & Stress
  • Low Mood / Mood Changes / Irritability

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Menopause Management Programme:

Be Cool – Aiming to be Flush Free in Six Sessions

I have developed a truly innovative six session holistic programme which empowers you to manage your menopause through the use of hypnosis, nutritional, herbal and flower essence therapy.

B – Session 1 – Background & Basic Overview

In session one, a basic overview of the programme is outlined and the content explained. During this session I will also explore your background history and you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation. From the information gathered during this exploratory and progressive session, it will then allow me to shape the following sessions of the programme to personally suit your own individual requirements – no two menopauses are the same!

E – Session 2 – Eating

In session two, we explore what you eat, identify any changes in your eating habits since the onset of your menopause (overeating and weight gain is often an unwelcome symptom of menopause!), and go through the foods, nutrients, and vitamins you should try to include into your diet on a daily basis to help relieve your individual menopausal symptoms.

 C – Session 3 – Coping

In session three, you will experience a “Massage of the Mind”, a deeply relaxing, individually tailored hypnosis session with the aim of helping you to cope more easily with the often stressful physical and emotional changes that are occurring as a result of menopause, as well as its impact on your nearest and dearest; a specific symptom you may be experiencing more frequently than others, whether it is: hot flushes; night sweats; sleeping difficulties, and so on.

O – Session 4 – Objective

In session four, we review work carried out in previous sessions to make sure you are focused and on track to achieve your desired objective or goal. We will also explore the benefits you may already be experiencing having made changes in terms of incorporating suggested foods, herbal supplements etc. into your diet, and make necessary adjustments if required.

O – Session 5 – Opportunity

In session 5, you have an opportunity to further discuss how things have been progressing and to look at any areas which might require further work. This may include further hypnotherapy session work to address longstanding weight issues, or long-term chronic insomnia, for example. Additionally, during this session, you will be introduced to wonderful world of Dr Edward Bach’s Flower Remedies and how the vibrational energies collected from specific flowers may help reduce the overall effects of menopausal symptoms. During this session you will also have the opportunity to purchase an individually created “Menopause Mix.” **

L – Session 6 – Learning & Listening

In session six, you will learn how you can manage the symptoms of menopause using mindfulness, meditation, and through the use of self-hypnosis. Plus you will have the chance to create and write your own personal positive affirmations and use them as you listen to a self hypnosis track!

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On completion of this programme you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment to celebrate your achievement!

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs just £60.00*. The total cost of the programme is £360.00. However, if you wish book all six sessions in advance you will receive a 15% discount, which means each session costs just £51.00!

All support material, information handouts, CD’s / mp3 hypnosis tracks, flower essence and herbal remedy supplement information, and nutritional information is included in the programme fee. In addition, phone, email and text support is available in between sessions throughout this programme if required.

*This fee is applicable at our Grantham and Oakham bases only.

** The Dr. Bach Flower Remedy: Menopause Mix is not included in the programme fee and costs an additional £12.00.

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