Breast Enhancement Programme

Holistic Breast Enhancement Programme

Beautiful Bosoms, Bigger Boobs – Increase your bust size naturally and permanently!

breast enlargement ukLook and feel better the natural way with our NEW UK, and Ireland Holistic Breast Enhancement ProgrammeThe BB Programme

Research studies dating back to the 1960’s and ’70’s have shown spectacular gains in boob sizes through the use of hypnotherapy. This was confirmed with post hypnosis follow-up studies in the mid 1970’s that determined the results are permanent!

Our fantastic new programme combines the use of hypnotherapy, NLP, herbal therapy (phytotherapy) and other holistic-based techniques to help you look and feel better about yourself, enhance your sensuality, and reach your full potential.

YES! Hypnosis really could help you to increase your breast size in a totally safe, drug-free and natural way. Our programme is non-invasive and non-addictive. No injections, no scalpels! No hassle!

breast enlargement hypnosisSo, if you are contemplating a surgical breast augmentation procedure, that is a breast enlargement using prosthetic implants, then you may be aware of the possible complications this surgery could cause, starting with undergoing general anaesthesia.

Some complications with surgical breast augmentation include: hypertrophic scarring (keloid scars – an overgrowth of scar tissue that is usually thick and red in appearance), haematoma, seroma (a noticeable collection of fluid within a surgical cavity), wound separation, infection, cellulitis (an infection of the skin and the tissues just below the skin surface), and capsular contracture, a common post-surgical complication which may require complicated revision surgery.

Nevertheless, when a person feels truly unhappy, self conscious, and even in a depressive state about the size of their breasts, and think there is no alternative solution to the problem, the overwhelming desire to transform them overrides any rational thought process. In other words, you feel so unhappy and overwhelmed with the desire to make a change that the possible risks and complications of surgery outweighs the gain of perceived happiness in order to possess the breasts you have always dreamed of. That is where our new programme comes in, and offers you an alternative choice!

There are no side effects, no risks, no post surgical complications, and above all, it is cheaper than the actual surgical procedure itself!!

Module 1

Anchors and Triggers – Practical
Confidence is Key – Hypnotherapy session

Module 2

The Ugly Duckling – Practical
Steps to Success – Hypnotherapy session

Module 3

Magic Circle – Practical
Beautiful Bosoms – Hypnotherapy session

Module 4

Be True to Yourself – Practical
Your Time – Hypnotherapy session

Module 5

Herbs and Flowers – Practical
Through the Looking Glass – Hypnotherapy session

Module 6

Love the New You – Practical
The Swan – Hypnotherapy session

Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and costs an introductory £100* per person per session.
*If you book the entire programme in advance you will receive a 10% discount.
This means each 2 hour session will cost just £90.00!

Included in the Programme:

  • Practical elements include the latest cutting-edge handout information as appropriate
  • Hypnosis CD / mp3
  • Progress Chart
  • Opportunity to purchase suggested Herbal Remedies / Flower Essences
  • Course completion – Certificate of Achievement

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Holistic Breast Enhancement ProgrammeRemember: We offer individual sessions for all the work we do, as well as offering our programmes as a residential package for your convenience.
So, whatever you would like help with we will tailor a plan to suit you!

Contact us now to find our more.

Holistic Breast Enhancement Programme

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